Callout Activity

Can someone please further explain to me how the Callout Activity works?

I thought I was able to close pop-ups windows with this, but it’s not working.

For Example, I have an Excel Application Scope opening a spreadsheet. When the excel sheet open, a message box immediately shows. I’m not able to use a click activity to close that. Can I use Callout Activity? I tried, but it doesn’t seen to work. Any help would be appreciated.

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no idea what you would use it for!! :slight_smile:


Call out activity is similar to the Message box activity except that it will close up after a certain amount of time.
On the contrary of a message box which will always be displayed in the middle of the screen, Callout pop will be displayed in the context of an UiElement.

Callout will be useful in Front Office Automation.

You could, for example, ward a user that some field from a screen was not filled and show where it is.
Could be also used to ask a user a certain amount to correct some content, example an auto generated a drafted email and then automatically send it within X secs.

Regarding this issue you have with your message box, you can solve it using Parallel activity having a closing workflow aside of your mail automation logic.



Looks like you had similar scenario.
Please check


First of all, thank you for the explanation of Calllout Activity.

Second, for my problem. This is what I did, but it doesn’t seem to work.

It suppose to work .:confused:
Nevermind how about SendHotKey targeting the pop up window selector .

That still didn’t do the trick:frowning: Any other suggestions?!

Be careful with popup boxes because they don’t necessarily belong to the Excel Window rather they can be child elements of Windows itself. Try creating a separate workflow without any attach or Excel Application Scope activities and see if you can get the message box to click. Check the selector to see what it belongs to…

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Please follow the tutorial,


Hey,Here is a detailed article on that :slight_smile: