Call a process from another process

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:
Is there any way to call a process when you are inside another process? An activity or some way to do it?
Thank you in advance!

I think your looking for Invoke Workflow Activity if I understood correctly.
Please have a look into these:

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No, It would be like start a process in other robot from another while the one which have called the other process is able to continue doing other things like starting other projects. But I am not refering to Invoke workflow activity. This would be like that but the activities would be in different projects.
Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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There is a Start Job Activity since 2018.1 -

Couple of tricks from our usage of it. The Robots need to have permission in orchestrator to modify jobs from memory.

Also, if you want to control how many robots might start it, or which robots, we created a seperate environment with a few of them to do it.