Calling a process within another process

Good afternoon,
Is it possible to run a process within the other process? Ex: Carry out a VA01 more if the customer is not registered call the XD01 (Customer registration - It is in another process).

Sorry for the translation (I’m Brazilian)

It is possible. See the documentation on Start Job:

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Yes, we have an activity called Start Job that can be used for that when the started process do not have input arguments, if it does than API call call also be used for that.

I have no orchestrator. Does it still work?
I have a studio and a robot.

This will not work without Orchestrator. Start Job sends a call to the Orchestrator API to run the process.

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You can invoke the main.xaml of Process 2 at the end of Process 1. Ensure you provide the full path to the main.xaml of Process 2.