Calender issue

I am trying to get a date from calender in one application ,but since its editable i can type that , so basically i am clicking on to the calender and typing the day but i am not able to switch to the day , as whenever its editing its editing in year , instead of changing day its changing year cause the tab is in year . i want to move that to date .how do i do that ?

for example date is 11.01.2022 instead of 11(day) 2022 is changed to 11 . i want to move the control to change the day . how do i do that ?

Hi @poojaskyrathore can you give a couple of screen shots to show the problem?

can you see the from date … i want to change only the day(integer) which is in the position
.instead its changing 2022 . i want to keep and month and year as it is and change only the day

Hi @poojaskyrathore ,

Can’t we use type into and enable the option like empty the whole data before entering so it will empty the whole data so that you can enter your current data in dd MMM yyyy by using now.tostring(“dd MMM yyyy”). Could you pls try and let us know. Thanks.