Calender from outlook to excel

Hello, I have a use case where in I have exported calendar from outlook to excel, and I have to input the time into time tracking portal based on the codes I have. So here comes the problem, When it is a holiday for example memorial day I have to input only Holiday code and hours, but not the meetings scheduled on that holiday. I tried to do for if condition where the code is equal to holiday code but not it is not working. Following are the steps I did:

  1. Read excel file and save it to data table variable
  2. For each row in data table variable
  3. Save codes, duration, start date, end date, hours/day, Today’s date in variables
  4. If start and end dates are in past or future, then do nothing, else flow chart check if start and end dates are equal to today, codes not equal to holiday do the regular hours, false holiday code, But it is entering both holiday and regular meeting for a holiday.
    Please, any expert help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Can you show you RPA script screenshot? It seems that your IF condition doesn’t work as expected.

Hi Following are the screen shots of my if condition:

Sorry for the late reply. Can you run your script in Debug mode step by step to troubleshoot the issue? I could not figure out what goes wrong based on the screenshot.

Hello @sairama.deepthi ,

As you need to check multiple conditions here, better to output the data from excel in a message box and execute it in Debug mode step into. Then you can see how the flow is happening for each data and which condition is failing.

Based on that we can help you to solve the issue.