How to Check Holidays from excel and Run bot

Hi all

Have list of holidays in excel based on this bot should run

If there is any holiday Bot should stop throw exception. If not bot should Run and execute the process

Any example on this…? How to do this

Hi @Sam_H follow these steps:

  1. Loop your data table by for each row activity

  2. In the loop check Row(“ColName”).ToString.equals(“holyday”) then call the ShouldStop activity

Hello @Sam_H - How about below steps

  • When the bot runs make sure the bot checks the holidays excel sheet at initial step.This can be done using vlookup or filter data table activity
  • If the date equals today’s date then Throw an exception and stop the process
  • If not, then continue the process

Hello @Sam_H

If you dont want to execute bot at all during Holidays, then you have to create the holiday calendar in orchestator and then schedule the bot to work based on the holiday calendar.

Else if it is ok to run the bot and checking the holiday excel sheet and if current day is equal to the date in the excel, then process shouldn’t execute further. This also can be done.


Hi @Sam_H ,

As per best practices you have two options:

  1. Unattended Bot- Create holiday calendar in orchestrator and select the holiday calendar at the time of scheduling.
  2. Attended Bot- You can use @ushu or @Tapan_Behera1 's solutions.

Hope this will be helpful.
Happy automating! :slight_smile:

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