Calculate Client Security Hash - SHA1Online_GetHashCode

Hello Team ,

I am almost in the end of the assignment 1 for Advanced RPA developer training .
I am in the section Sha1Online_Get Hashcode

In the document , it is mentioned that
Add the necessary activities to calculate the Hash. It is up to you to do that.
o Finally, we need to return to the initial page of the application, so that we can use the same sequence to process the next item. To do that, add a Go Back activity.
● Remember that we must compute the hash code for ClientID-ClientName-ClientCountry, so we need compose that string. Let’s use the output value of the System1_ExtractClientInformation workflow as input argument in the SHA1Online_GetHashCode workflow.

I dont know what kind of activities needs to be added and what needs to be done here .
I have another document where it says
Add a Type Into activity and configure it to type the input argument into the hash field in the System1 application. Optionally, in the Properties panel, select the checkbox in the Simulate Type field if you want this activity to work in the background accurately.

Here i dont know where to use the indicate on screen in system1 page .

Could any of you guyz help me out here .

Thank you

Hello Kavsanu,

You need to create a sequence(a seperate xaml) which calculate the hash code from the mentioned site.
To calculate the hashcode you need to get the data from the “System1_ExtractClientInformation” xaml in your process xaml in terms of arguments.
So in Process xaml First Xaml will be of System1_ExtractClientInformation and then the xaml you create for calculating the hashcode.

Okay . it is mentioned that we need to add Go back activity . what do we enter in the input field in properties panel

Where you want to add go back activity… I dont think it is needed as you are navigating to the taxid’s by its url . Correct me if i am wrong.


You can use “navigate to” activity for going back to required page.

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Thank you for your help .

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