C# Window Project - Set a variable in the List datatype to use the add and distinct method

Hello team,

I would like to create a variable to use the add and distinct method in my C# project.

I can’t seem to use the datatype: system.collections.generics giving me an error: Not all generic types could be resolved.


Once the datatype is set, I would like to add string items, using a for each activity, and then use the distinct method. I guess once the problem1 has been solved, it would be easier to solve this problem.

I wonder how I can achieve the process in my project, and I can get any help from this community. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

So @tae.park What trigger this error - You are trying to declare a list variable ?

for learning purpose we would suggest to us a String List

and also play with the immediate panel:

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Thank you very much. It seems I need to set the default variable: new List() to make it work.

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