C# Support Temporarily Removed in Studio 19.10

In hindsight it was a mistake to have promised a specific release to get it added back, my apologies. We realize that C# is much more popular than VB within the community, and it is a priority. It turned out to be significantly more expensive to get the quality up than we initially estimated, but it remains a top priority and we are close. You can see my response above saying we are hopeful have support back this summer.


Most of developers don’t like VB,so c# support problem is one of the difficulties restricting UIPath development


Strong agree

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In our department we are using Studio 2019.10.2 Enterprise License, could you please tell me when do we get the option to start using C#?

Also in the invoke code activity we can still use C# code is that supported or should we avoid that also?

Is there any version of studio I can download with C# support? We have a one project in c# I really need to be able to edit ASAP! :worried:

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This is the problem with the constant, forced updates of Community Edition.

I like VB.net

are there any news about this c# issue? I just started working with UI path, and I really really don’t want to have to learn VB. please :pray:

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C# is now back in 20.6 as experimental. Please check it out and send feedback and issues to us. Thank you! :smiley:


Thank you for introducing C# as experimental. As others have already pointed out VB is very hard to use and not that intuitive unlike C# especially for programmers already using C# or even python etc. VB might be a good language for people starting out fresh.

Even now creating a simple lambda function to manipulate a list took so much time hunting on internet than it would have with C#. Even Microsoft uses C# snippets in its latest documentation.
So it becomes difficult to solve simple problems if you are not a expert in VB already.

Using only VB for LTS right now makes sense, but it would be good if UiPath supports C# only, if not both.

But you guys know better. Thanks again

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We plan to support both starting with 20.10.

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