💌 Here comes 2020 - Release Schedule Survey

Done with survey! hoping for more updates to come! :slight_smile:


Sure @andraciorici :slight_smile:


Done! We wish to see you more upgraded, good luck:)


Best of Uipath.


Hi Andra,


I am busy with the level 3 training now and cannot seem to get into Community Forum

Is it down at the moment (since Saturday)

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Frank Commandeur

Done :upside_down_face: :ok_hand:
2019 was an excellent year, 2020 can be even better! :rocket:

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Done :+1:
I never like this, addicted UiPath tool and its features. Using Ui Forum like social media user lol…
Posting queries and expecting results are like waiting for the exam result and exited to post our answer’s tool. We are expecting Lots of updates related to Ui Form Design ,Client Dashboard and more in 2020.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Hi @franciscus.commandeu

What is the issue your are experiencing?

Where the C# support, I can`t start my project

Hi @Oleg_Kuziv,
Please check this post:

@andraciorici sure we will do it.

kumar CH DG

dont be too serious man …want to go icu…chill

Looking for more new activities. Thanks and Happy New Year to all in advance.

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Great Work Team UiPath.Looking forward for more activities in 2020 too :slight_smile:

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I’d really love to download and utilize features found in the newer UiPath releases. However, we are running robots on multiple remote servers. The installation and upgrades is controlled by someone not really associated with RPA, per company policy, so getting upgraded robots installed on all servers more or less requires an act of Congress.

Whenever anything is created using newer studio versions and pushed to environments using older robots (i.e. remote robot version is 2019.4.4 and package created on 2019.10) errors occur.

When we upgrade the robots on the remote servers do all packages need to be updated using matching versions of Studio?

Hi @PhilBrittain

See here for a detailed explanation:

In short though - robots made on the newer version are not guaranteed to work on the older version because of potential breaking changes between the two versions (= new version introduced something that the older version of the robot does not ‘understand’).

See here for more information about updating each component:





Hi @loginerror,
Really it is very useful . We are planning to upgrade Studio and Orchestrator. It is very helpful.

Thank you

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OK, thanks for your reply. That makes sense now that I think about it because the newer robots will carry forward knowledge of older activities.

This helps greatly!