Business rule error

i am applying business rule should be numeric in excel.when i give above that condition it showing error. i am using uidemo.exe to automate excel sheet.
i am using datarow for transaction item.i am getting error only in process.xaml if i use this condition like in If----------IsNumeric(in_TransactionItem(“Cash In”))
how to resolve this

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Try this command and see

IsNumeric(in_transactionItem.SpecificContent("Cash In").ToString)

but still getting error like …

oh sorry… In_TransactionItem is of type data row right? I thought its a queue because in the previous screen it looked like you are getting it from a queue…

if it is a data row it should be

IsNumeric(In_Transactionitem(“Cash In”).ToString)

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hi ,
Till i am getting error, i share project of Reframework please find it.Re-framework (1.8 MB)

Hello, i ran into the same issue and after some time i figured out the solution.

Please try this:


If this solution worked for you, please mark your problem solved.

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