Get numeric value from row data in the excel then if numeric present in that row then we need to send the exception

I want to extract the numeric value from the row column, if it is numeric in the column then it should throw a exception.

Hi @Vardhan1 ,

Could you let us know are you trying to check the value in a specific row column or Do you want to check all or any of the row values contains a Number?

row name: Country
column values are germany, Srilanka, 05,07,09
So if i have a numeric values(05,07) in the country then i need to throw a mail

@Vardhan1 ,

Assuming the below is the Representation of your Excel sheet :

You could check by performing the below :

  1. Read the Excel sheet using Workbook Read Range activity. Assign the Output a Datatable variable, say DT.

  2. Next, we can use the below Expression to check if the column contains a numeric value.


You can use the If Condition activity and place the Expression in it, in Then Part of the If you can place the Send Mail activity.

“in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(item) is”
Item is column name in the input file, i have assigned the variable for the column name is item
So here i want write expression as numeric. if numeric value present in that column

then you can write condition as