Business Case Template to identify next bot for development

Our company just purchased this product and I am tasked with prioritizing potential bots for development. I plan to meet with heads of departments over the next few weeks to identify tasks that would good candidates for bots.

I am looking to develop a template for Business Case Justification for each bot. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I was hoping some of you had examples and would share them with me.

Please and Thank You

You may want to check out the Connect Enterprise Tool. It is in preview at the moment and isn’t ready, but it may give you some ideas to start with.

Currently my company also uses a RICE score for prioritization:
R = Reach of the automation (How many people do this)
I = Impact of the bot (How much will each person be affected)
C = Confidence (How confident are you that the automation can be developed)
E = Effort (how long will it take to develop)

(R * I * C) / E

In Theory the higher the RICE score the higher the priority should be to automate.

Hope That Helps

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Thank You

That Helps.

I’d suggest doing the Business Analyst Training at It goes into the details of what makes certain processes better than others for automation and you are provided with several useful templates and an RPA calculator which make for a good starting point.

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