Evaluation or categorization of RPA Bots


I am currently working on a use case. I will use RPA botsin an existing process. The process workflow and the process parts suitable for automation have been identified.
I am currently creating a description for each bot used and would like to make the bots used comparable and sort them therefore into categories.

Does anyone have an idea if there is a theoretical basis or literature that already implements this?

Or alternatively, does anyone have an idea which categories would be suitable and on the basis of which criteria I could classify the bots?

I was thinking of categories like complexity, hours of development, usefulness, usability for other departments/areas, etc.

I would be very grateful if someone has an idea or even just shares his thoughts with me.

Thanks in advance!


Have a look on the UiPath Academy.

There is a Business Analysis Course which will introduce into a Quadrant rating for categorizing Bots