Build Data Table and get Information

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i am having the following DataTable which i buildCapture

my process will find a variable, which contains one of the letters in column1. What i want to do now is, to find the result from my variable (for example XCO) and bring out the information out of column2 into a new variable (in this case /CO)

Can somebody help me out here?

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Try to use Filter Datatable activity.


We can use LOOKUP datatable activity where in the lookup datatable property panel mention these stuffs
Input value = yourvariablename.ToString
Where this variable will be holding the column1 value whose equivalent column2 value is to be found

Datatable - your datatable name
Lookup column name - “Column1”
Out Result - str_output
Target Columnname - “Column2”

So our out variable with be str_output of type string will hold that value we want

Cheers @Berto

Thanks a lot @Palaniyappan it worked like this.=)

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