Filter DT with full of string DT

Hi everyone,

I have data table which has only full of contract numbers and I need to filter a spesific column in another data table with those contract numbers but I do not want to use any loop because I need to filter several datatables according to contract numbers. Thanks in advanced all

sounds like a join / lookup / filter by Any Function between datatables. Has a potential to do it e.g. with LINQ.
please share some input sample data and expected output description / sample data. Thanks

Use the lookup datatable activity. Works like vlookup in excel.

I need to match first numbers with second excel’s data table’s column which inside of red square. Extract all matched rows in a different data table

I did not use lookup data table activity before. Could you please give more asistance to how to use it?

You use it to look up a unique key in a datatable and return the corresponding cell value for the column indicated in the target datatable. You then assign the returned value to a variable. It can be tedious, because for every column you want, you have to use an activity to return the value.

Load the activity and look at the properties, it a has hints for information needed.