Buid data table with data based in rows

Hello, i building a RPA, my data is in email attachments.
I need some validation, such as email has an attach, the worksheet name is predefined and i need to validate some fields that are in cells, such as address, postal code, client numbers. These fields are mandatory. I need to check if these fields are filled in, and if so, pass this fields into a data table.
Is this possible?

Hi @jose.p.mendes !
This seems possible.
First what is the mailing tool that you use ? Outlook ? Other ?
The datatable you’re talking about, do you have a template of it in excel to use read range activity on it? Or do you want to build it virtually and manually with build datatable activity ?

  • If Outlook, drag&drop Get Outlook mail message, otherwise use get IMAP. Create a variable for the output (for instance list_of_mails).
  • Then drag&drop a foreach loop, make sure that typeargument is settled to System.Net.MailMessage, then loop in list_of_mails.
  • Then inside the foreach, use save attachments and use the output to put it in the read range activity. If the data that are in the worksheet are always at the same place, use several Read cell acitivity and specify the coordinates of the expected contents of the cell. Create a variable for the output (let’s say called content_of_cell_xx). Then use if, with condition: (content_of_cell_xx <> “” && content_of_cell_yy <> “” etc) then inside the “then” use add datarow activity, in the array input put {content_of_cell_xx, content_of_cell_yy ,etc}