Get data from excel and validate

Hello, I have an excel file as a database and I have different columns such as ID, Name etc…
Now, I need to check each of this data and validate it for example the first letter of ID must be a char not an int, or a Name cant have a number in it. If there is a cell which is not valid I need to copy the info in that cell and paste it somewhere with the reason why its not valid.

Any help would be much appreciated!!!

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Hi @vl60

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1.Use Excel Application Scope activities.
2.Use Read Range Activites
3.Use ForeachRow Activities to iterate in the loop.
4.Use Assign Activity and create a Datatable variable and set the properties of ReadRange Activities output for this variable.
5.Use If condition activites for your desired condition upon looping.

Note: You can use Regex for the patern of your condition or just parsing and get the exception if its not on your desired patern.

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