Bug in Studio or Chrome - debug.log


I just confirmed that action of robot creates debug.log file reporting some error connected with Chrome Browser.

File contains message like:

[0204/131415.545:ERROR:registration_protocol_win.cc(130)] TransactNamedPipe: Potok został zakończony. (0x6D)

English version:

[0204/131415.545:ERROR:registration_protocol_win.cc(130)] TransactNamedPipe: The pipe has been ended. (0x6D)

File is created after using OpenBrowser Activity. URL doesn’t matter. I’ve used it with New Session property, without it and also with Private Session turned on. In all cases opening chrome is causing creation of file debug.log. The same file is created when I use Open Application activity.

File is created in my Project Folder. Unless I close Chrome I cannot delete it. In case of that I found topics realted to that:

File is not created when i click manually browser icon or when robot is clicking icon program and start it ‘human like’.

What’s more those files also appears when robot is started via Orchestrator and they show up on working machines in production area. I’ve built a process which upload files to one system and in working folder owned by business Robot is creating those files too. Because of that, Robot is trying to upload them (there is some requirement to do that so there is no special harm done by the robot). Still though it’s some annoying ‘feature’.

I’m using 19.10.4 Studio and Robot. UiPath.System.Activities is 20.10.1. Chrome: 88.0.4324.146 (64). Windows 10.

I find out that this issue appear in Chrome since October 2020 and is known in other programs too:

I found also some solutions like this:

but it is not solving the issue.

I thought this kind of file should be created in Temp folder…

Hi @Yameso,
Thanks for reporting this. I will push it for our devs to check it.


Hi Is there any solution on this - thanks

Hi @Saurabh_Grover,
We have information that this is not a bug that is strictly Studio-related. It’s a know Chrome/Edge bug.

Hi Thanks for your reply
However how did you publish the project then. It is only giving me this error while publishing

You need to close chrome, delete debug.log from project folder (if exist) and then publish project

Progress – So I manage to get the file into server and publish the BOT from there. This is something to do with chrome that may be is used within BOT path.
You will need to delete/uninstall google chrome. This is what I got from internet survey of this issue

I finally found an answer to this issue. It involved totally removing all traces of Google Chrome from your system, including all files, folders, and registry entries and then reinstalling Chrome. Once I did this, the issue was resolved and has not returned.
If you go to this link: https://www.totaluninstaller.com/program-uninstall-center/uninstall-google-chrome/
and follow the instructions under Way 2: Remove Google Chrome & Leftovers Manually, you will remove all traces of Chrome.
Be forewarned, this method will involve having to edit your Windows 10 registry and is not for the faint of heart. I would strongly advise that you back up the registry before doing this in case you have problems. You may even want to create a system restore point first (just in case). I trust this helps anyone still struggling to resolve this particular error.

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