Why does UiPath robot runs in Debug mode on Chrome in a Test Automation project?

I have created a new project in UiPath Studio Community Edition v.2021.10.4, and created a new ‘Test Automation’ project. And created the steps to open a browser, go to specified address and type in login/password and click OK button.

The issue is when I try to run the script that I created not debug , it runs on debug mode in Chrome, and this navbar pops up in Chrome which says : UiPath Web Automation 21.10 has started debugging this browser. , and when it ends the browser closes automatically :slight_smile:

debug mode

What I want is to execute this script normally, not in a debug mode, and the browser stays open, so I can implement the next steps in my developments.

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In the extension settings in Google Chrome, try checking both parameters.
Allow in anonymous browsing.
Allow access to file URLs.

Hello tainan,

I have applied the changes you suggested and restarted chrome, but still runs in debug mode.

Do you have anything else in mind that I can try?


Unfortunately no, I went through a similar problem and managed to solve it following the steps I mentioned.
Try reinstalling the extension, it might solve it, but it’s not a guarantee.

I managed to solve this by changing the input method of the Activity “Use Application/Browser” from Chromium API to Hardware Events.

Hope this helps someone else.

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