Bug: Compiling library with commentout-activities can cause errors

Hello, hello

It seems comment-out-activities will be parsed/checked during the compiling process of libraries.


In this case you can see a invokeWorkflow with a wrong file reference. It is commented out. Try to compile the library and you will get an error. It only happens with UiPath library-projects - not general process-projects. And (actually) only with invokeWorkflow, with a wrong file reference.

In my opinion its a bug. CommentOut-activities should not be parsed. That’s why they are comment out. Even if its not a very common use case. It is a very time consuming issue because:
Studio does not tell you what the problem is. The error message is a 1:1 copy of the compiler message. You can not get any useful hint to solve the problem.
During developing, testing, running you’ll never get an error about this. And it is a absolute miracle if it suddenly occurs when you compile the project.

errormessage.txt (10,4 KB)

Hi @Enrico

Thank you for your bug report, we will look into it.

This should be fixed in the latest 20.10 beta :slight_smile: