Library/pick branch bug?


I have bumped into quite a mysterious issue in Studio that I am having a really hard time wrapping my head around. I’m strongly suspecting that this is a bug in Studio.

When using a library activity in a pick branch trigger section in a process, the root project folder seems to change for the entire UiPath project to the library that the activity belongs to. This results in quite a nasty issue where all subsequently invoked workflows in the project fails due to the relative file paths now being invalid.

This is the typical error message that will occur for all subsequently invoked workflows in the project with a relative file path:

Invoke Workflowname workflow: Could not find a part of the path ‘*C:\Users\myusernamegoeshere.nuget\packages\libraryname\1.0.1-alpha.10\lib\net45\ProcessWorkflows\ActualWorkflow.xaml’.

The “ProcessWorkflows” folder in the file path is a top level folder in the project. Everything before that is the file path to the library from which an activity was used in the pick branch trigger in a previous workflow.

Has anyone bumped in to this issue and knows what is causing it and how to solve it (if possible)?

Thanks in advance!