Browser window not recognized



In one of my online tools the upload of files is handeld in a seperate window. While opening the window via a button works, the new window is not recognized as a UI element. Trying to get a selector via the “Indicate on screen” option in any activity results in the error “Invalid UI node”. Using the UiPath Explorer to manually find the element results in the same error or the Explorer crashing.

However, the code was already proven to work three weeks ago without any trouble. The only change was an update of the browser, Firefox to 52.0.1. With other browser such as Chrome or Edge the window is usable. Sadly i’m too far into the development of the process to change browsers easily.

The extension is installed and we tried reinstalling firefox and studio.


Can u post that xaml with that URL to check…?


it’s not just one specific window, it’s every window opened by the tool; sorry if that wasn’t clear enough.

Also it doesn’t matter where it is accessed in a workflow, even a xaml with just an “attach browser” activity throws that error.


can u post that error screenshot…and for all windows throwing same error?


here you go, the error as thrown while running the workflow. It’s the same for any window with any activity