During the process execution, the browser restarts and the "Invalid ui node" is prompted

During the process execution, if the browser is restarted, it will prompt invalid ui node, After stopping, it can be highlighted on the UI Explorer

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Could you add some delay and see whether it works or you ?

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Nived N

You’ll have to use another Attach Browser or Use App/Browser to reattach to it.

Delays won’t fix this. It’s a new object, they have to reattach.

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After logging into the system, attach browser is added. attach browser can be normally identified, but type in inside cannot identify elements

When the process executes to type into here, an error will be reported, indicating invalid ui node

Hello @huaqiqiabc

If you are using the Full selector, eventhough if you are not using an Attach browser, Typeinto activity will work.

But if you are using the Partial selector, then you have to keep the Typeinto inside the application scope of the relevant page.

Otherwise, it will throw an error.

If you are still confused, maybe you can try recording that part using the App/Web recorder.


for each item
— Delay(3 sec) ← Add delay at lease 3 sec to delay the bot
— AttachBrowser ← browser attach to current elements
— ++ access UiElement
— Restart new window/web ← if the web is restarted slower than Bot then bot will attach old elements make cannot access Ui element after web restarted.
End for