"break" the captcha

Dear, I need your help. I need to “break” the captcha of a specific website, I have already tried UiPath activities, but I was not successful. I heard that I will only be able to use a third-party product, so I would like to know how to use the service of 2Captcha (https://2captcha.com/) and DeadByCaptcha (https://www.deathbycaptcha.com/) on UiPath. How to do this integration?
Thank you very much to all!

Hi there. Personally I’m not familiar with UiPath, but here are some links:
youtube [dot] com/watch?v=D_RkqNq5nzM

Regarding 2captcha: you can use Http requests, https://2captcha.com/newapi-recaptcha-en
First of all, you should register, refill the balance (even few dollars would be enough for test purposes) and obtain your personal API key (can be found on dashboard).
Then you will use that API key in all requests to 2captcha.

And in UiPath I use this API in what way? Is there any specific dependency I need to use on the project?

There are no specific requirements to use 2captcha’s API, you can simply work with it via http-requests. As I wrote above, I’m not familiar with UiPath, but it’s 99% probability that UiPath has an option to send specific HTTP-request. And the link I provided describes what those requests should be like.

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HI @KarinaFreitas
Did You find solution. do you know haw configure http request activity to work with 2captcha web page?