How to resolve Captcha with Uipath using sevice?


Hi everyone,
I’m newer, I have API key from service, but i don’t know how to use it to resolve Captcha in Uipath. I already searched in this forum but don’t have the answer for my problem. I think should use Http request, but i don’t understand.

Can anyone please help me to make a xaml file for me from the instructions
Thank you


Anyone can help me ?


@lehunglam use HTTP Request and pass Api key and parameter than you can get response than use deserialize json actvity


@indra, could you make me an example by xaml file please


@lehunglam follow below link


Thank you, I’ll see and try.


@indra, how can i upload Captcha picture to Captcha sevice by using Http POST ?


@vvaidya ,@arivu96 Can you help on this



Hi @sara_s, thanks for your support but it dosen’t work in my case. Thank you anyway


Please help me