By pressing f5 process paused at breakpoint!

I have observed when I run the whole project by pressing the f5 or Start icon, It paused on the breakpoint. Previously it was not there…

Is it a bug or default?

@Lahiru.Fernando @loginerror

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Break point is meant to stop the workflow at the particular activity to check if that particular activity is being executed or all the previous steps are working fine @balkishan

Earlier also, it was there I hope. Until you click on continue, it will pause the execution :slight_smile:


No bro, If you run in Normal mode na, if there is an breakpoint in the workflow it won’t pause there. It continue to executing the process.

Note. In previously Only pause at Breakpoint when we run in debug mode.

No idea about that @balkishan

But this is strange whatever you are explaining, check even in the documentation , it is to pause the workflow :slight_smile:


Not sure about this :slight_smile:

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I agree with this,
But Breakpoint pause the workflow when we run in the debug mode.

But in Previous, when we run in the Normal mode if there is an BreakPoint it won’t pause before executing the activity.

Not sure @balkishan

I don’t remember that :slight_smile: .

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Okay no issue bro. But yes I’m sure.

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I agree with @balkishan. I too encountered similar behavior after recent update. However, I found that this happens only when there is an error in the Automation.

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You mean , If there is error in the workflow, then the break point pauses at the activity @mrkrunaldoshi?

Thanks for letting me know @balkishan

YES, lets say I am generating index out of bound error, when I press F5 without any breakpoints, still it stops at the point where error is found as seen below:

This is the new behavior for the community edition - F5 defaults to running with debugging on. If you click the start button you should see several options for how to run the bot. I believe F6 runs the file you are in without debugging, similar to the old F5 functionality.


By pressing F6 is running is Debugging mode bro. Previously f7 was for debug now f6.

But don’t understand f5 is also working for debugging.



F5 is running the main workflow in the project , while F6 is running the particular workflow which we are trying to run

ctrl + F5 – > Start main file without debugging
F6 → start current file
ctrl + F6 → Start current file without debugging

this seems that, when we want to run the code in visual studio in debug mode, we click F5 and if we want to run without debugging, we need to click ctrl + F5 … This is somewhat similar @DanielMitchell


Thanks for the clarification @HareeshMR

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We have the same in the studio when we hover it on the start button drop down @balkishan

I found it yesterday :crazy_face: anyway, happy to help :slight_smile:

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