BOX Activities for downloading & Uploading

How to download & Upload file from Box?
As when I am tried to download the file from box so its download a one particular file from box but I want to download all the file that all present in folder.
Thanks in Advance!!

Hi @Riya_Sharma ,

One method to do this is as follows and it may require some additional work:

  1. Open the Box page that you want to download files from
  2. Scrape the list of files from the page - you will need the names of the files so that you can create dynamic selectors to click on each file in the next few steps
    There may be other ways - for example, you could take the entire div that contains all the files and then find the child elements to get at the file names
  3. Loop through the list of file names
  4. For each file name, prepare a dynamic selector for each of the files listed on the box page
  5. Use Mouse Click with KeyModifier setting set to Shift so that you select all files as you loop through by using the dynamic selector
  6. When the loop completes, all your files must be selected
  7. Click the download button to begin download

Additional logic you might want to add are:
Before clicking download button, check the number of selected from the label on the top-left.
If that number matches the number of records in your list of files, then you know the Robot has selected all the files before it can click the download button

Use Wait for download activity before the Robot can exit successfully

Hope this gets you started.

Hi @AndyMenon
I just want to download that file through API
I mean box simply login to box through API and download all the file.


You can utilize the BOX activities available in UiPath

To view the BOX activities in Activities pane , install the BOX package.

Ummm…your question did not mention APIs. :thinking:

Maybe I misread. But would me a nice challenge to do on it the old fashioned way. :smiley:

If you can afford to that is.

Have you any idea to do it the same?

Hi @ranjith
But i want to download all the file through API
Any idea to do the same?