BOT was not unable to click on Choose file button on UnAttended mode

Hi Team,
i am using one web application so here i need to upload the file , when i was ran In attended & Un attended mode BOT was upload the file correctly for happy secenraio.
But in the Business exception, BOT was not unable to click on “Choose file button” in unattended mode . (its working in attended mode).

i am attaching screenshots for your reference above.

When BOT will click on the “+” button then Attachments popup will exist next BOT was unable to find the Choose file button as shown in the 2nd screenshot
here i am attaching the exception log as well : uploding exp: Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector: The closest matches found are: [70%]
Kindly suggest!!!

Thanks in advance…

Hi @Thrived_Kumar_Reddy_Pandi

it means that your selector is not reliable or stable, you should map it again, make sure that your selector is dynamic and then publish your project again



Also check the screenshot if you have to see if choose file has pop up or not and may be the plus click also might be missed…check if that click happened…

And yes selector has to be refined well but if multiple entries are working on attended then mostly in unattended the click might be missing…try with simulate,hardware and windows mesaages check which works better…preferably simulate