High CPU Utilisation when Bot is trying to run the Automation on Edge Browser

Hello Team,

We have converted our automation web browser from IE to Edge as part of IE sunset.

After deploying the code to production we are triggering the bot, bot is trying to open the application by launching Edge browser. Initial observations are like bot is not able perform the actions as expected and end the process with out opening the application properly even retry mechanism is also faking which is working perfectly fine in Dev VDI.

As part of investigation we performed a monitored run and examined the taskbar why there is slowness in VDI.

We found out that Bot is using 100% CPU utilisation with multiple Edge browser windows opening the background even after there is only one foreground Edge window is opened.

We tried to diagnose the issue by clearing cache & cookies and restarting the VDI. But the workaround was unsuccessful.

Could you someone please help on this issue ASAP?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards
Venkata Pramod Chandra


@Venkata_Pramod_Chandra_Ka have you managed to solve that? My automation on edge after moving from IE are also very slow, UiPath support suggested to increase hardware power, but maybe there are other workarounds.

Hi @Venkata_Pramod_Chandra_Ka

Is this still the case on the latest version of Studio and UIAutomation package?

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