Bot terminating after 10 hours of execution

Hi Everyone,

We have unattended automation on one of the web application, which runs in unattended mode. Bot execution is not happening after 10 hours of successful execution. was there any settings in UiPath that to stop executing after 10 hours like that. Appreciate your advice .

Just to ask you a question out of curiosity, is the bot running continuously for 10 hours? @rmadireddy33

Yes That is correct, Bot continuously running 10 hours.

We have noted the same thing when trying to run one robot continuously for long periods of time. We just use a timer at the beginning and when it reaches X amount of time (perhaps 8 hours would be sufficient for you?) it ends the processes and launches the process again to pick up where it left off

Hello @rmadireddy33

I think Dave’s method is a good approach to consider. However, I would like to know why do you need to run the process for 10 hours at a stretch? Can you give me some insight on what type of a process is this robot handling? Just curious to know…

Thanks Dave for the suggestion!! Yes, as a workaround i need to try that option but apparently i wanted to know what is causing this, Is this a restriction in UiPath or any other like infra?

We originally thought it was a memory issue since it’s a x86 program limited to 2gb but don’t believe that was the cause. We never did successfully troubleshoot it and figured it wasn’t worth the time to figure out the root cause. If you do find out, I’d be happy to know though :slight_smile: