Bot not able to find the Email


We have been a scheduling a bot to run the Dispatcher to move outlook emails with attachments to another folder. And it is running perfectly.

And when we run the performer to download the attachments from the Email, the bot could not able to find the email. But the email is present in that folder and it is happening at random, I have added an system exception to the bot so whenever the bot could not find the email, it will kill the outlook and update the folders, and will try to find the email again. But still it does not work. Is there any other way to download the attachments from Outlook Emails, or are there settings need to be configured?


Hi @Santhosh_Hyd,
Are you able to show example of your process? Second question, is your process downloading attachments before or after email movement?

i cant show the example , but i can explain how we are doing it,
Dispatcher: the business will receive an email , they will place the email to a dedicated outlook inbox, we will move that email from inbox to a work in progress folder. and will add the details such as email subject, email date, email attachments, email sender name to the queue item
Performer: Bot will pick an item from Queue, it will fetch all outlook messages , and will compare the all email details with email details from queue, whenever there is a match , it will download the attachment from that particular email.

Problem is after dispatcher moved the file from inbox to work in progress folder, some emails are missing or disappearing in work in progress and inbox[may be].but queue items are added for the same email. hence the download the attachments is failing. but by the time we open the outlook , the emails are updating there in work in progress. we are not facing this issue in QA or in Dev, we are facing this issue in production only.

Hmmm this is weird indeed. Is there by any change possibility that processes have something different between those which are working in dev and those from prod environment? Is outlook package with the same version as well as Outlook itself? I would start from searching any difference between environments and processes. Many times in my life it happens that problem was related to something tiny what was missed during migration/movement/edit.

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