Bot failing selector for button

Trying to automate web application using full selector instead of using attach browser with series of screens.
Getting an error selector for button not present click activity.
Same code works in other env , but failing in production.please provide your thoyghts


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Why you are using Full selectors. I am suggesting you to go with Partial selectors. If you use full selectors and will miss single attribute in the selector then it won’t work. And also this automation is fast compared to full selector one.


I suggest to check selectors in both the environments. The Selectors might differ between the environments.

I would echo what @sivapradeep has said. Verify your selectors, whether they are full or relative in each environment. If you have Studio or UiRobot Service installed, you’ll find the UiExplorer available as well.

Using Internet Explorer on Windows 10 and Windows 2016 as an example, you’ll notice not only is the wording different, the structure itself is different as well

IE11: v11.2551.14393.0, Update 11.0.90 (KB4462949)

IE11: v11.1387.15063.0, Update 11.0.90 (KB4462949)

If you can provide a sample/demo of what you are working with someone would be able to offer some suggestions.

Please compare both the selectors from production environment and also from dev environment.
In production machine try to get selector using ui explorer and on the left top you will find a tree there choose the one which has button option in selector.
let us know if this helps,
Pavan H