Boolean Switch Activity

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I’m having a bit of trouble with a switch activity. So I want the workflow to follow a different path when a specific Error message occurs. So I check for the error message with an element exists (Variable_element).
Then I add a Switch activity and set the typeargument to boolean.
For the condition i’ve used variable_element =true, variable_element=false, variable_element.equals(true) and the false equivalent as well.
It just keeps following the default path…
Does someone see what i did wrong?

Kind regarfds


If you’re using a boolean for the Switch activity from the Element Exists activity, the argument should be the boolean from the Element Exists activity, and the cases should only be True and False. You won’t need to have variable_element=true in your cases. Just True will be sufficient.

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I’ve tried that as well, it still keeps going to the to the default sequence…

Make sure the datatype of the Switch is set to Boolean, or this will not work.

You can Try the Following :

  1. Instead of directly using the Element_Variable in the Switch - You can take an additional Boolean variable say ConditionCheck and assign it value True/ False based on Element_Variable.

  2. Now We can use the Condition_Check Variable in Switch - This will help you to Debug Easily.


I don’t know if this was the solution, but I got it to work.
I was a bit confused about how the switch-activity is put forward.

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