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Hi all,
I am reading a solution from UiPath Academy RPA Developer Foundation - Proj Organization.

With reference to the image, I realised that the default value of variable ‘GetChange’ must be set to False, and I must add Assign Activity ‘GetChange’ = True for both Then and Else cases under If Activity. If I change the default value of variable ‘GetChange’
to True and change the condition in transition accordingly, It will only lead to the ‘GetChange’ result and never ‘Not GetChange’.
why is this so???
Also, why must I assign default value of ‘GetChange’ to False? since I am already assigning it True later? Why cant I set it as True?

Please help . Thankyou so much. I have been stucked here for too long.

Workflow is attached.
Video Demo - State Machine (workflow).zip (13.4 KB)


By default False value will be set to any Boolean variable. If you want to set True then specify default value as True.

Thankyou very much!

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