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can you please help me in attaching a graph to the body of the email .Email should have text +table from the excel+graph from the excel


@tharani.natarajan, mh this sounds a bit complicated,

is there a reason why you cant just send the excel file as an attachment, or convert the file from excel to pdf and send that file as an attachment rather?

Because i know we can send tables in the email body but graphs, i am not sure. Otherwise you can convert that graph into an image and attach it?

Thanks for the reply !
the excel contains 5 sheets . hence Body of email must have few texts about the graph and…tables+graphs.

Can you please guide me to add tables in the body of the mail.(tables of the excels have colors on them)

@tharani.natarajan, have a look below.

Hi @tharani.natarajan,


Thanks Bala …thanks will try this .Before I try these I am thankful to you for all the packages you have already created .They are so helpful

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Can you also give me an idea how to proceed adding a text and then table …and then attaching the graph .

I am able to add the text to the notepad and pass it to the body of the mail .For table can you please guide how to bring table along with the colors on them .


Hi @tharani.natarajan

  • As you said adding the text is not a problem to you.

  • Adding a table , I think .it has many ways. But try this one Convert the table as an image (copy as image). and then it is easy to attach in the body.

  • Convert the table as image , you can use the an activity called “Copy as Picture”. This activity will convert as picture which you have selected range. It will be available in Verion 24.0.0.
    You can download it here

I am waiting for the publish from UiPath Marketplace.

Thank you

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Hello @tharani.natarajan,

You can check this activity Outlook Email with Excel Body - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace
which you can download from package manager.
Hope this helps

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Bala ,my extract graph image has different options .

.Can you please help with this

Thanks Lipika .However i am not geting the border of the table .Attaching the image ExtractTable tableBorder .

i get border for the table when i add the border in the there is any possiblity to add grapg also ?I need to send a mail consisting of text +table+graph

Here, this activity copy the excel range and paste the same in outlook. Since, the excel range you have entered does not belong to table…
So, Kindly use image for inserting table for the data and then use copy and paste activity.

No . You have use inside the excel application scope from balareva easy excel like below.

Install the latest package from here


you can use this one

Thank you