Sending a Excel Chart via Outlook


If anyone knows how to send an Excel Chart via outlook ? Please let me know.


Hi hemal,

Can’t you attach it like any other attachment?
There are some examples on the Forum:

An easy way which you can test is:
Excel Application Scope > Select Range [of the chart] > ctrl-c
Navigate to the outlook mail and paste.

Not sure how robust it is in your case.

Preferred is to handle this through the mail activity, meaning you attach the spreadsheet. Another solution might be to export the chart to an image and attach the image to the mail or inline.

How to export the excel data and chart and send those data and chart via email?

Hello hemal,

Maybe you can save the chart as an image, and in the body of the email you can call that image and it will be like as if you just did a copy-paste.

If you need one example to know how to use an image into the email body i might be able to provide you one example.

Diogo Nunes

hi …
can u please provide an example

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Hi @tharani.natarajan ,
you Can able to convert the chart as image using the below activity and then you can attach it in the outlook body.

Here video demonstration.

Thank you

Take a look if you want chart image. Can be independent of excel