Bloomberg Automation

Does anyone played with Bloomberg Terminal? Open the session, Insert Login ID and password, search for data and export into excel?

I haven’t really worked with Bloomberg Terminal, but it is somewhat same as Mainframe Terminal vis-à-vis to conventional one.

So steps you could follow:

  1. Install UiPath.Terminal.Activities
  2. Use ‘Terminal Session’ activity to connect to the connection(or directly if you want)
  3. Use ‘Set Field’ activity to insert ID and Password
  4. Now there are plenty of activities like ‘Get Field’, ‘Get Text’, ‘Get Screen Area’ and ‘Get Text at Position’. Use whichever you feel comfortable with.

I hope I’ll be able to help you.

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Did you able to make connection to Bloomberg Terminal and successfully automated the tasks on it?
I am facing issue while making connection. Also, what properties need to be set in ‘Terminal Session’ activity.

Looking for help in Bloomberg terminal automation!