Best way to upload the files in Web Application using UIPATH

Hi Team,

I have a scenario, daily i need to upload the files in webapplication which will be couple of files with different dropdowns.

Which is the best and reliable flow to upload the files.

Appreciate your inputs!

Team ,i am looking for a solution where we can upload the files without interacting UI Screens.
Is it possible?

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It depends on the application you are dealt with, if you know where the application placing the uploaded files, if you have access for that system you can try to place the files directly there.

You need to check the access for that folder/system to place the files. If it is a database, then we can place the files directly in the database if the datatype is byte code.

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Hi @sarathi125,

Thank you for your response.

I will be uploading the files in Web application ,and taking the files from SFTP folder.
My application is having database also and when we upload the files in Web application ,upload id is generated and stored in datatbase.
Just a question,How we can upload the files in database directly?



It depends on how the system is designed and what kind of database they have.
Check this link for how to use FILESTREAM in SQL.

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Hi @sarathi125,

Currently we have MYSQL database .

Thank you for the info on Filestream.