Best way to Read from one excel file and input into another excel file


I’m pretty new to automating and am trying to do the following.

  1. Take all the data from Column A in Excel file 1 and add it to column A in excel file 2.
  2. I want to take the data from Columns B- F in excel file 1 and add them into column B excel file 2. I also want to add spaces between the data from columns B-F when it is added to excel file 2 so it is readable.

I’ve tried a few different ways and have been so far unable to merge data multiple columns in file into a single column in another file.

I initially did a read range, then for each to write to the other excel, but can’t merge column data.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi @Pat_Newsome ,

Could you explain the Step as to How the Spaces are to be added ?

If you could provide us the Screenshots/Files of the Input Excel and Expected Output Excel it would be faster for us to suggest a solution.

I want to move the data from Column A in the above screenshot to column A in the below.

I want to take the data from B:K in the above and output to column E below, but output each with a space and a comma in column E (Case Note Column) , e.g. SHX, HX, Single

Thanks for your assistance

Edit - Just realised I am a new user, so can only embed one screenshot. I hope the above makese sense. Column A output to Column A in another excel file, and Columns B:K output to column E in the other excel file.

In order to get the data from cell B to K in one single cell separated by commas, you will can assign all the values to a variable (i.e. cellText) in a ‘for each row in data table’ scope

cellText = row(1).ToString + ", "row(2).ToString + ", " … + row(n).ToString

and inside the scope, add a ‘add data row’ activity with the following array row: {row(0).ToString, cellText}

@Pat_Newsome ,

Could you upload a Screenshot of other Excel file as well ?

We would like to know if the data is already present in the other Excel and we need to populate only certain columns (A and E), if we need to update only certain column based on what common column value do we need to update?

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