Different columns from different sheets from a single excel file into one sheet

I have an excel file which has sheet1 and sheet2. sheet1 is having columnA, columnB and sheet2 is having columnC, columnD,columnE. I want columns A,B,C,D,E into single sheet.

Can anybody please help me to achieve this scenario.

Thanks in Advance.


Welcome to our uipath community.

Use Merge DataTable activity to merge both sheets data.

There are several ways, the one I am occupying and I show you in example, you can read your excel file and you can occupy a read range for each sheet, you can store in different datatable output or create a merge as indicated above



As you guys said, i’ve used “Merge Data Table” and used “Read Range” of both sheets. sheet1 is having 10 rows and sheet2 is having 4 rows. I want those rows side by side.so the 10 rows will be occupied, and cells refer to sheet2 will be empty in row 5 to row 10. when I run the bot next time, the data should be written from the 11 row and the data should be side by side.