Append values from one column of excel file to another column excel file

Hi all,

Im currently working on something. But kinda stuck to get a workaround on this things for awhile now. So in the first picture is the workbook 1 and the next one is workbook 2



So the problem here is, how do i get the whole data in “columnA” and append it to the last empty cell in “cColumn”. And how do i get data in “columnc” and append it to the “aColumn” in workbook 2.

I try use for each and add data row but when i write range it just writing only one values instead of the whole data extracted from column in workbook 1. And apart from that what is the best option is it extracting data as datarow or datatable good for this kind of process. Please help me out to give any suggest and advice on how can i achieve this. Any help is so much appreciated. Thank you (16.5 KB)

Please create input workbooks in workflow file and try once.

Im sorry. I didnt get what you mean by this. Are you referring to read range?

I have missed something in code I will change and send back to you (17.5 KB)
Yes we have to use read range to get the data. Can you please find the attached file