Best way to go about creating a bot for multiple excel file lookups?

I have 4 different master listings of customers and accounts receivable detail. I also have 150+ different customer files. What I need the bot to do is to vlookup the customer name from each of the customer files and pull in the detail from each of the different master listings (which also have the customer name). Ideally this process would be easy to edit as customers are added/removed. One idea I have is to make each of the customer files the exact same template/format so the bot can run the same process over and over again on each of the files. I am basically wondering if there would be an easy way to do this or if there is another forum/video that I could use as reference to make this process as efficiently as possible.

Hi @HP61208

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So u are trying to use vlookup the costumer in a excel file and get the whole being transferred to another file ?

Is it right?

I’d rather create a new list as an Excel file from the details in all the other files and merge it to list of costumers later.


It would be advisable to keep the format of your 150+ Customer listing uniform and use lookup activity to perform the vlookup.

Yes. I am trying to use the customer file with customer number and vlookup all the detail for that customer in the master file and pull in the detail to the customer file.