Best way for a business user to start a job without giving Orchestrator access?


I would like to give certain business users the possibility to start a job by executing a powershell script or such.

Have you done something similar or know any good step by step guide or video that shows how to do this?

Also how sensitive is the information that such a script would contain if a user has access to it.

In my scenario the user dont have access to the unattended robot machine.
They have access to a specific folder(windows explorer not Orchestrator) and from there I would like them to simply double click a program or powershell script to start the job. Would they need to use some special authentication method or is it not necessary?

Hi @atomic ,
You can try way run robot by Assistant
or try way run robot by .bat file
Have you tried them?

Hi @Nguyen_Van_Luong1 ,

Having the assistant on the client computer could be a security risk I think. Haven’t really thought about if it would work, but i would prefer them not having any UiPath software on their client PC.

How does the .bat file approach work, do you have any guide or something you can share?

Thank you.

Hi @atomic ,
with my exp,
to run the robot you must install studio and assistant,

but use .bat file
you can see in

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Hi @atomic ,

Since the users have access to the Orchestrator Folders that their processes are tagged to, by limiting the permissions assigned to them, they should also be able to trigger the processes of their choice through the Orchestrator.

The above method is one way or a Direct way probably, other ways would include you to Build/Create a Short Application or Integrate with Excel itself, to Trigger the Processes that they need using Orchestrator API Calls.

Hi @supermanPunch ,

The users dont have access to the Orchestrator folders. They have access to a folder in the explorer(Windows) where RPA files and such “land”. Sorry for the confusion, I edited the sentence above.

The other methods you described, do you have a link or such that describes the process of creating that application or API call?

Thank you.

@atomic ,

On the API Calls references, there are many posts discussed on the same here similar to what is required by you, You could maybe surf on those, One such post is below which should be able to help you out :

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You can create a simple desktop app with one button, when the end user clicks on the button, an API call should be generated to UiPath orchestrator to start the job.


Hope this help you!

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@supermanPunch , I will take a look at the alternatives.

@Roshan.Manchanayake, interesting do you have any particular guide you could share regarding this. Is it to many steps to explain in this thread?

I have done this, ill guide you with the steps,

I have now managed to start a job with postman and make that part work.

How can I now “convert” this API-call so that the business user can click on a bat, powershell file or something similar to execute the script.

Im looking into curl but what is the best approach here?

Can you see if this works for you?
Generating client code | Postman Learning Center -

Okay, is there a best practice what language to use in this case.
Do you or anyone else know of any guide?

Also im thinking about how to generate the access token.
Do i need to store it in a variable, because then I would need to provide the username and password in the file that the business user has access to, or is there another way?

I think Powershell would be a good choice if it’s already installed to the system.

As for the credentials, I would investigate using application credentials Orchestrator - Managing External Applications -

Okay, yeah im a bit new to that part. Is Powershell an external application in this case?

This isn’t supported any more.

Yes, but I think it should be installed on modern Windows operating systems. Getting Started with PowerShell - PowerShell | Microsoft Learn