Simplest Way for Business Users to Trigger a New (Unattended) Job?

Hi all,

I have a bunch of RPA processes which run unattended. The processes typically read from an input file (on Sharepoint) and then process the data within.

The same email has his my mailbox a few times: “Can you reschedule [process] to run on date X instead of Y? We’re running behind and need more time to put the data together.”

I’m looking for an easy way for business users to trigger the job to start when they’re ready. It would be hugely beneficial if it could be done within an application they’re already familiar with (e.g. Office365 suite, Teams, etc).

What options should I be looking at?


Easiets way is for them to Start the job through Orchestrator.

Setup a Modern Folder with the required automation and add them as an “automation user” then they can run the job just as you would

A while ago I was experimenting with triggering on-demand job via email request.

I wrote a powershell script that upon receiving request via email was starting job using Orchetrator API.


In our case for Ad-Hoc requests, we are triggering the process from Start Job Activity, either they mail their request to the bot or we can run it using a batch file as well (Manual override)