Best practices in Queue Trigger

Hi. I am trying to build a following process and I am a bit stuck.
I have a queue that will trigger an automation but I am not sure on the following.

  1. Should I delete the queue transaction when the process is done?
  2. Is deleting the queue transaction the best practice?
  3. I see an activity called “Set Transaction Status”. Should I use that instead of deleting the transaction?
  4. Does the trigger only happens once or multiple times?

I appreciate for any input on this. Thank you!

No, you should use Set Transaction Status to set it to succeeded or failed (and if failed, why).

You configure that in the Trigger settings.

@postwick Thanks for your info!
So my question is when you set the transaction status, what do I put in the Transaction Item?

Your queue item variable, whatever you used in your Get Transaction activity.

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@postwick Thank you so much. Just tested it and all worked! I truly appreciate it!!

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