Best practices - architecture and infra

Hello everybody,

One of the customer want to start a pilot and i was wondering what are the technical requirements for software installation and how does the infra looks like. The customer wants a uirobot and a sql server and later on probably orchestrator. Do I need 1 server for SQL and 1 server voor robot? If the customer wants to scale up then i probably need a other server for orchestrator, because its recommended not to install robot and orchestrator on the same server.

Advice, best practices or technical and infra documents for production
are welcome!

There is a training in the academy for Infrastructure.
It is free of cost.

Karthik Byggari

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im not allow to follow the training because a license is missing. Probably this course is strictly addressed to UiPath enterprise users that have acquired the licensed version of our product.

Hi Karthi,

Since this training requires license and manager approval and access restrictions. Can you please list down the items required for a person to be trained in infra side.


If you Login to UiPath with your organization email, the Licensing model and infrastructure trainings will be available.