BEng Thesis - suggestions

Hi Guys!

I want to write an engineering thesis for studies based on UiPath technologies. I need inspiration on a topic. Is work on RPA Technologies in general plus a robot that would find a job on portals not enough?
Maybe some of you wrote a thesis for studies on UiPath, RPA, share your opinions

Hi, welcome to the forum!

I wrote a thesis on RPA and there are a lot of studies on basic RPA usecases out there. However times are changing fast and basic RPA usecases have become just that - basic.

Finding a job on a portal kind of falls in that category too - I would recommend focussing on the intersection of RPA with some other interesting technology (ML, IOT, Chatbots, etc.). That’s where things get really interesting and it probably fits the engineering theme better too.

You might want to find inspiration by searching for studies regarding Intelligent Process Automation (IPA).

Hope this helps :wink: