Master thesis about RPA

Hello UiForum,

I would like to write my master thesis soon and would like to cover a topic in the RPA area.

The thing that comes to my mind most likely is that you connect RPA with ML or AI components in order to evaluate the possibilities. Since there is no company I work at the use cases available on the Internet sound very abstract, because you have a solution to a problem that actually might not exist.

Do you have any ideas where you don’t have to rely on companies or their data/processes so you can work on something independently?

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Hi @mamko46

Please explore the projects on Connect. It might give you and idea of what users are working on and what is needed.

You can also research the components on Go! to get an idea of what users actually use to automate their processes.


Hey @mamko46! Congrats for taking up this challenge. There are not many RPA Research Thesis out there, so that makes you a pioneer, right? What university are you from?

Hi @loginerror,

thank you for the information.

Hi @vladimirdeliu

Thanks for the encouragement. I hope I will find an exciting research topic because the basic principles of RPA are in fact very business-oriented. I am studying business informatics at the HTW Berlin.

Hey @mamko46, sorry for the late reply. I will be in Berlin next week. Send me a quick email at so we can meet :slight_smile:

Hello, all I am also looking towards doing my thesis on RPA, but I am looking towards RPA in ITSM. I would love to hear if anyone has any ideas or might be even working in ITSM and has seen problems. Really would appreciate some help! thanks