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Dear Forum-Members,

in 6 weeks I am going to write my bachelor thesis. From my company, I got the topic “Robotic Process Automation”. So I searched and read a lot about RPA and I also played around with the UiPath Community Edition. After that, I was really fascinated about the RPA topic, so that I agreed on RPA as my thesis topic. What I found in literature was a lot of stuff about RPA in general, selection of RPA providers/implementations and selecting processes for RPA. Now I’m struggling a little bit in finding a research question for my own thesis, which has a scientific character. Has anybody of you ideas for research opportunities? Or is there anybody who is writing his thesis about the same topic, so that we can do a little discussion?

I am grateful for all of your suggestions and answers.
Best regards

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Dear Michael,
I’m not sure if this is faith or not, but I’m on my way to prepare a presentation about RPA.
There are many sides of the RPA and I suggest you to focus on one of them, for example, RPA for marketing purposes. At least I’m going to work on that topic because in the same period I need to prepare my master thesis. I’m not sure if it will be about RPA, but I can use it.

If you want we can keep in touch each other and support somehow.


Hello @MG1993 & @andreyrusev

Congrats for taking the challenge of building your thesis on RPA.

There are few academic research papers on RPA, but that gives you a lot of opportunities. I suggest you identify within your employer @MG1993 a tedious task or cohort of tasks within a department, document them and automate them through RPA. I’ve attached below some other Academic papers on RPA.

Btw, from which universities are you guys from?

Aalst2018_Article_RoboticProcessAutomation.pdf (349.9 KB) Impact of RPA (Germany - Leipzig).pdf (205.6 KB) RPA Applied to Education - A new kind of robot teacher (WhitePaper) (UNADE).pdf (443.0 KB)


Dear Andrey,

That sounds interesting. I also thought about analyzing RPA potential in a department, for example, marketing, controlling, procuring or accountancy department. Maybe a proof of concept with one or two selected processes can be done. My problem with that kind of idea is, which research method matches with this kind of doing.

It would be great if we keep in touch so that we can support each other.

Best regards

Dear Vladimir,

Thank you for the interesting input.
That sounds really good, this way of doing is a good option, like I mentioned it in the answer to Andrey. A potential problem could be which research method can I use, how can I ensure that the used applications (for example ERP Dynamics NAV, legacy applications and so on) can be controlled by the RPA-software and how can I quantify my results.

I can also mention a research paper which is really interesting in this kind of topic: https://hanvanderaa.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/BPMDS2018-Identifying-Candidate-Tasks-for-Robotic-Process-Automation-in-Textual-Process-Descriptions.pdf

This paper is about validating textual work instructions automatically with the help of Machine Learning, to predict if a task is automatable with RPA.

Also, I can mention two experts in the field of RPA: Professor Leslie Willcocks and Professor Mary Lacity. Maybe this helps some of you.


Great paper quoted from VU Amsterdam. You can check this as well @andreyrusev https://www.uipath.com/blog/5-factors-in-choosing-which-processes-to-automate


Dear Vladimir,

Thank you for the academic researches. I will have a look at them and if I got some questions, or comments, will come back here.
I’m a student in the master program “Digital Marketing and Web design” at the Varna Free University in Bulgaria.

Hi again, Michael,

AS much time I have for RPA learning, as much hard it become.

Look what I found - https://skemman.is/bitstream/1946/31385/1/MSc%20Thesis%20-%20GudrunLiljaSigurdardottir.pdf

You can check the Bibliography page as well.

As it is said, #When a number of
automated processes increases then RPA gets more complicated

So, when a number of RPA articles increases then RPA looks more and more complicated :slight_smile:

Hi Andrey! Can you link me with one of your professors from the Master? I’ve been in touch with Prof. Dimitar Minchev recently regarding your school joining UiPath Academic Alliance.


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